High Quality London Product Photographer

Zach approached me via email explaining that he was selling a new product on Amazon and needed some high quality images to help.

He told me that he had been using his own images online, which were not good enough to stand out from the many competitors online that he was facing. He understood getting high quality, professional images were a must if he was to start selling these products in higher quantities.

He was aware that the Amazon marketplace is flooded with products and that the ones that stood out always use images provided by a professional photographer.

When Zach visited me in my studio, he showed me his fantastic product called Collapze. It was a pocket-sized folding coffee cup. It was the first time I had seen a product like this and I must say I was very impressed with it being a keen coffee drinker, and also always happy to do my bit for the environment.

He asked me to photograph the product in the different folding positions to help show online the ease of use and how it works.

As the folding was the items main USP, it was really important for Zach that I captured this clearly to help his sales online.

I think Zach was very shocked when I told him that the images would be ready for him later that day, fully edited and provided to him with full commercial rights. That’s the advantages of using a full time professional photographer!

High Quality London Product Photographer

Above you can find 4 of the images that I supplied to Zach. Showing multiple angles and different folds of the cup. It also shows the lid and the sleek design.

Zach wanted the images against a plain white backdrop, and you have got to agree with him! Don’t they look great?!