Product Photographer in Essex

My product photography photo shoots help companies sell their fantastic products. The images help show potential future clients the quality of your merchandise , and helps them fully understand the details by showing multiple angles of each item.

To stand out from your competition you must show great quality images, both on your website and your marketing materials.

I recently worked with Linnells Trolleys, a company based in Boreham, Chelmsford. Michael had contacted me explaining he had multiple products which he required images for. He planned to use the images for his website, his marketing materials, and for an upcoming show he was attending at Birmingham NEC.

He explained to me that he understood his current marketing images were not good enough, and he wanted some great quality images to show the great quality of his fantastic products.

Product Photographer in Essex

Michael offered these post trolleys in various different options and sizes. He wanted different angles showing the features of the trolleys and what they can hold.

I photographed his trolleys both empty, and with boxes and folders on like they would be used in real life. This helped him show the trolleys in real use, and what his clients can expect.

Product Photographer in Essex

Here are some of the images that I captured during the shoot. You can see Michael’s various products, photographed at different angles and different set ups.

Product Photographer in Essex

My photo shoots can be completed both in my studio, or on your business location.

Michael wanted plain white backgrounds, with well lit images therefore we used the studio to complete these images.

Product Photographer in Essex

Below you can find multiple images of one product, showing the unfolding of the trolley. It also shows the product unfolded without bags, with one bag and with 2 bags.

These images will help Michael show the multi use of the product and will help him sell this at his upcoming trade shows.

Product Photographer in Essex